Incorporation: Offshore Company Formation

Incorporation: offshore company setup is carried out in offshore jurisdictions around the world. Offshore company incorporation provides persons with the means of expanding business and saving on taxes. The incorporation of offshore companies is carried out in offshore jurisdiction or offshore tax havens. Each jurisdiction has its own regulations and its advantages. When shopping for offshore jurisdictions for offshore incorporation offshore clients must look closely at the offshore legislation governing the offshore company incorporation and the advantages which each offshore company can provide. Offshore company incorporation: offshore company launching, identical to Seychelles companies formation, takes places in the the following countries; Belize, Dominica, St Kitts and Nevis, Delaware, Colorado, Anguilla, Seychelles, Panama, Bahamas, British Virgin Islands, Mauritius, Cayman Islands, Dominica and many others. The formation of the following companies can take place offshore; IBC (International Business Company), LLC (Limited Liability Company. The formation of offshore trusts and offshore foundations also take place offshore.

For offshore company incorporation; offshore company formation for offshore business companies or offshore IBC is the most requested offshore company. Offshore IBCs are exempted from taxes in the offshore tax haven of incorporation. Taxes for which exemptions are given include corporate taxes, income tax and capital gains taxes. These exemptions are given to the offshore companies on incomes which are gained outside of the offshore jurisdiction. Offshore company formation for IBCs can be completed in one day with professional offshore agents working to incorporate these companies. for offshore company formation a Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association are required with the following very important information.

  • The name of the offshore company
  • The name and address of the offshore service provider
  • The registered address of the offshore company in the jurisdiction
  • The start -up capital for the company
  • The services the company intends to provide
  • The names and address for offshore shareholders
  • The names and address of the company directors
  • The number of shares the company will issue
  • If different types of shares are issued the number and types of each class of shares
  • The rights, privileges, powers, voting rights, privileges and restrictions placed on each class of shares
  • The by-laws of the company

The offshore limited liability company is another type offshore company which is registered offshore. An offshore LLC can be incorporated in Colorado or form a LLC which is similar in other states in the U.S. the Oregon LLC has similar benefits and so does the Delaware LLC. The offshore LLC no matter where it is incorporated provides similar advantages to the owners. Incorporate in Delaware to obtain one of the most popular U.S Limited liability companies. Offshore clients incorporate in Oregon to ensure that they obtain a company which can operate as an offshore company and also receive offshore benefits. The offshore LLC is a tax exempt company. The LLC itself pays no taxes and any profits made are passed on to the partners or members of the companies. The offshore formation of LLCs is carried out in other jurisdictions other than those mentioned. The basic requirements for offshore formation of an LLC are as follows.

  • A proposed name for the LLC which must be unique
  • The name and address of the registered agent handling incorporation
  • A date by which the company will be dissolved
  • State how the partners involve intend to share the responsibility and power in the company
  • State if the company will be managed by “outside managers” or one of the partners
  • The names and addresses of managers
  • Any by-laws the partners may choose to include

The formation of offshore trusts is another excellent example of offshore entities which are formed in the offshore tax haves. The offshore trusts are legal entities which can be used for tax planning, estate planning and for asset protection. All assets placed in an offshore trust upon trust registration belong to the trust and not any particular individual. The assets will inevitable be shares amongst the beneficiaries of the trust. The conditions under which assets will be shares will depend on the terms laid down it the offshore trust deed. An offshore trust can own any type of asset and no taxes will be paid on capital or any other asset which is earned outside of the offshore tax haven where the offshore trust has been registered. The parties which are needed for offshore trust formation are; beneficiaries, Protector, settlor and trustee. A Trust Deed is registered with the Registrar of Companies in the offshore tax haven. As already stated the registration offshore trusts require the preparation and registration of an offshore Trust Deed in which the following is included;

  • The name of the trust
  • The name of the offshore agent
  • The name of the beneficiaries of the trusts
  • The name of the trustee and the powers of the trustee
  • The conditions under which the assets placed in the trusts can be distributed

All offshore incorporation services and particularly offshore company formation must be carried out by an offshore agent. In the offshore tax havens regulations specifically state that an offshore agent must be employed for offshore company incorporation, trust registration, LLC formation and other offshore formations in the tax havens. The offshore registered agents also provide other services such as setting up offshore bank accounts and bank introductions in the tax havens.

Offshore incorporation: Offshore Company formation is affordable in the offshore tax havens. Offshore company formation means obtaining an excellent offshore company which has capabilities of engaging in trade and other business activities in many countries around the world. Offshore companies can own any type of asset and offshore bank accounts can be set up for offshore corporations. Offshore companies provide asset protection and privacy laws protection information in offshore companies. In most offshore jurisdictions any information regarding offshore company formation is kept out of public files. Offshore company formation is going to be around for some time since more and more individuals are looking for avenues to make investment and protect wealth plus save on taxes.

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