About Us

Kickstarted by creatives, anArtizen is a seriously fun endeavour to make the arts industry in India a little more accessible, inclusive and less intimidating. Powered by shared learning experiences, in-depth editorial content and one-on-one troubleshooting, anArtizen is steeped in the experiences of arts industry professionals.

We’ve all been in a place of not knowing where to find the opportunities we were looking for, or who to speak to or perhaps even begin to understand how this space works. We hope AnArtizen will bring about meaningful change so that artizens will not feel lost or alone.

Built on the solid foundation of everything we’ve learnt, and all the hard days we’ve navigated in our professional journeys in different creative industries, anArtizen is intended to be your go-to platform for conversations around all facets of art, with a laser sharp focus on the growth and well-being of its artizen community.

In a largely unstructured industry, there are a lot of things that don’t get talked about. anArtizen seeks to start conversations about each of these facets to provide you with the information you need to grow and flourish as a member of the creative community.

Treat this also as your playground, your space to collaborate, to meet other creatives, to find mentors, to get inspired and to enhance your careers.

This is your community, not restricted by location, background, or the stage of your career. We truly believe that as a community we can collectively create & inspire art that is global and, in doing so, accelerate the growth of artizens in every hue of the Indian arts industry.

We hope you find what you’re looking for, and if not, we’re here to help see how we can achieve it together!

The Founders

Meher Sachdeva Founder

Meher Sachdeva

A dancer at heart and in training, Meher has been involved with the arts space since she was five years old. At the age of 19, she started dabbling in worlds of artist management and events, whilst doing her B.A. in Politics, Philosophy & Economics at Ashoka University, and then eventually started managing reputed stand-up comedians and musicians by the time she was 22.

With a keen eye for design, a love for the written word and an academic bent of mind, anArtizen is her brain child. She packs dance, work, family and friends into an overloaded schedule, that she would not change for the world and believes it is absurd to have to choose between things you want to do, when you can do them all.

Rahul Sinha Founder

Rahul Sinha

Rahul learnt the ropes of the industry and fine-tuned his understanding of brand management while working at RedBull, before going on to manage some of the biggest names in the Indie Music space. With a deep commitment to India’s constantly evolving music industry, a sharp focus on the well-being of artistes he manages, including Nucleya and Ritviz to name a few, Rahul is the consummate industry professional. Having already turned entrepreneur once with his artist management firm, UnderTheRadar, he brings his business and financial acumen to anArtizen, along with years of industry experience.

Fun fact, he rarely sleeps – on the job or otherwise.